Sunday, December 04, 2005

Workforce Involvement: Advocates or Assassins

No one wants to see an employee snap and show up at work with a gun. This is the rare extreme case, but there are many other things that can happen along the way when an employee gets discouraged, does not feel appreciated or does not feel included. They can create negative buzz, create blogs and post about the bad boss, give poor customer service, waste time, steal and more. The business really is like a ship that everyone wants to see reach port despite the storm. If someone is going around poking holes in the hull, throw them overboard before they recruit helpers. Business owners need to make sure their employees feel engaged, included and motivated to work and create buzz in a positive way. They need to accept the fact that most of their employees will eventually move on to other positions in other companies. The business owner or manager needs to understand that success for the employee is not the same as success for the business, in most cases. By focusing on workforce improvement and accepting the inevitable fact that you will lose talented people eventually, you can create a workforce that will work hard, create buzz, and talk kindly about you even when they move to a new job. I strongly recommend you keep an eye on Career Intensity to help your workforce succeed and to understand what star employees are thinking and help them succeed, even it it means they out grow your organization. Employees have responsibility too. Employees should be committed to their own success through the success of their employer. Too often, I run into a sales person or representative of a company that actually just starts complaining about the company instead of educating me on why it is great. They are clearly unhappy and looking for a job, but who would ever offer a job to someone that does not think twice about disparaging their current employer?

Once an employee is burned out, they should accept it and move on when they can.

Creating a Buzz Marketing Strategy can help move a company towards identifying success for everyone and creating some excitement. You start a Buzz Marketing Strategy by talking to employees and finding out what the success stories are. Find out what they talk about and start organizing the stories and the strategy to get everyone involved in spreading it.

The Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing strategy can transform a corporate culture to one of greater involvement, greater achievement, greater success and greater satisfaction for everyone. Not through the software necessarily, but throught the philosophy of helping people understand buzz, grow and succeed on a personal level.