Monday, December 12, 2005

Word of Mouth Marketing Agencies

Today I visited the website of a new Word of Mouth Marketing Agency. I am not going to link to it, because even though the website was well done, I have to question what most of these Buzz Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing agencies are doing. To me, most of them seem to focus on internet marketing, blogging and a little bit of research. If this is all your word of mouth marketing agency is doing, hire a good internet marketing agency instead. Otherwise, you are probably just paying for the buzz phrase.

What should a good word of mouth agency provide?

  • Strong Market Research
  • A plan to develop advocates (ethically)
  • Tools specifically designed to measure many forms of word of mouth (not just blogs and internet)
  • Experience developing talking points and WOM Units
  • Knowledge of a diverse set of channels to get the messages out
  • Tools to identify current advocates
  • Training for your staff to become stronger advocates

These are the kinds of things Buzzoodle has available to clients that are interested in creating more buzz and word of mouth, especially if they plan to use their employee base as advocates.