Saturday, December 17, 2005

Buzz & Marketing

Buzz is not only a marketing function.

  • Product development probably plays one of the biggest roles in buzz. Create a remarkable product and you will have all the buzz you can handle.
  • Manufacturing plays a role in buzz. Poor quality will result in negative buzz, and solid, quality products do get praise.
  • Customer service plays a critical role in buzz because it directly relates to bad buzz, good buzz or just what I would expect.
  • Human resources is paramount to buzz. Happy employees do a better job, and if Buzz creating is made part of the corporate culture, HR will be training employees in how to talk about the company and encouraging everyone to create buzz.
  • Executive Teams should know all the great stories, connect with the customers and create buzz in many extraordinary ways.
  • Shareholders should be talking about all the great stories they hear coming out of the company that they own stock in.

Ultimately, every person in an organization should be taught the importance of buzz and know stories they can use when opportunities arise. Buzz is the job of the entire organization, not of the Buzz Marketers.