Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lead Generation Training

I have a bit of a crazy offer for you.

I am experimenting with some new software and I am offering 60 full days of lead generation training and tool access for only $1. There is a catch - but it should take 60 seconds or less of your time. Check it out here <--

This could make you some serious cash or at least increase your qualified leads so that you can spend less time closing more sales.

This lead generation system works in many different markets and with the 60 days for $1 you have plenty of time to evaluate the lead generation program, training and Wordpress lead generation software that comes with it.

You will have to let me know if the offer is worth the effort - I mean it will probably take you a full minute to get the huge lead generation discount.

Please Note: This offer will not be up forever - if it is no longer up please remember our main program has a money back guarantee and is still a great value.