Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing Challenge # 9

We are posting a short Buzz Challenge each workday last week and this. Under 15 minutes and if you do all of them, and get all your colleagues and employees doing them as well, you will find an uptick in Buzz about your organization. Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing Challenge # 9 Buzz Opportunity Awareness - look for a chance to create more buzz. In our daily life it is easy to not put ourselves out there and talk to new people. Today we challenge you to look for Buzz Opportunities to talk with new people. This could be someone on the elevator, in line at lunch or a wrong number that reaches you. Smile, even laugh, and find out a little about them and tell them a sentence or two about you and what you do. We pass up many opportunities throughout the day to connect with someone. Basically you are looking for a chance to be nice and name drop. Most times you are going to make that person's day a little better. Be sincere and connect. Even something this simple is more powerful than you think. How may times have you been talking to someone and a company gets mentioned, and you say [out loud or to yourself] "I know someone from there." Even with a simple connection that lasts 20 seconds, you can reinforce your organizational identity and make the next time they hear about it have more meaning. I would love to be a sales person in an organization that has 100's of non-sales employees doing this.