Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lead Engine Tools and Software to Consider


How should you develop targeted leads and sales?

Certainly, there are many lead generation tools and strategies. Here is an review of the best way to select any Internet tool or strategy to get more sales or leads.

A Sales Lead Tool Should

  1. Target the niche audience you want to sell to
  2. Must be a predictable formulas that can be tracked and evaluated
  3. Must demonstrate a solid return on investment that justifies its expense after a reasonable trial period

Don't Buy Excuses

There is nothing wrong with trying something that does not work. If fact, you need to be trying new things that are targeted and measurable to develop sales and targeted leads every month. However, when someone says you will increase sales and then it does not happen, stop doing it and move that advertising cash to a new lead generation experiment. But make sure you give it a reasonable amount of time first.

One example: Google Adwords will work the same on the first day and day 365 assuming your skills stay the same. But it will be less a major factor with the adwords tool and more a motivation with your website landing page and your keywords. You need to try those and keep experimenting and moving your adwords budget before or after to get the best return on your advertising spend.

For Search Engine Ranking lead generation tool like Buzzoodle, you have to look at the battle in the marketplace to assess the likelihood of success. It will surely generate sales in as little as two weeks but it depends on your sales leads target. Lead generation with blogging software does work better for successful marketplaces, but only when you commit to a solid strategy and make a specific call to action. Just owning a website that is not business results oriented will not generate sales leads or grow sales.

The generation of leads and sales that are targeted is going to increase greatly if you start with your final goal clearly defined. For example, you may say you are going to spend $3,000 on running an ad in trade publications but first set a goal of the number of targeted leads you want to obtain from the advertisement. How will you track the client generation and sales from the advertisement? If it turns out to have a great return, you are going to spend that money every month, right? So you have to know the metrics and goals going into any sales effort or targeted client generation .