Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing Challenge # 8

We are posting a short Buzz Challenge each workday last week and this. Under 15 minutes and if you do all of them, and get all your colleagues and employees doing them as well, you will find an uptick in Buzz about your organization. Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing Challenge # 8 Social Networking systems are all over. Here is a recent eMarketer Article on some of their growth. Here is a directory of many of these web based networking systems. Your Buzz Marketing Challenge today is to set up a profile in one of these communities. If you have the time, connect with a few people and make your profile interesting and buzzworthy. The more you put into it the better chance of some returns. People have asked me if they work. I can say they do work at times, and at more times if you use them more often. Getting everyone in your organization to sign up and use these systems, and stay in touch after people move to other jobs will in the long run pay you back in more contacts and stronger relationships. As a side note, I have hired employees I have met though these channels and found clients. It won't happen over night, but it is one more avenue people can discover the unique you.