Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blogging for Lead Generation

Creating a Business Blog for Lead Generation is essentially understanding that you do not begin with a blog. You begin with a business outcome. Then you use business blog software as well as overall search engine strategies to get the traffic and results you need to justify your time and expense.

Business Blogging Software is going to help you focus on your search results and lead generation. It should also help you avoid the trap of adding all kinds of things to your business blog that will only distract your visitors and damage your results.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Corporate Blogging Software

I just launched a group or articles around Business Blogging Software and Corporate Blogging Software. The goal is to get people to think beyond the general corporate blogging software features and focus on a clear business blog ROI.

A real, measurable return on investment is possible for nearly any kind of business - but you need to be able measure your ranking, traffic and actual outcomes.

Business blogging may seem old, but the way Buzzoodle and a few other business blogging companies are approaching it is very new. It is all about results.

If the topic interests you, sign up for the free demo and find out how much blogging can pull in from the current sales you are missing out on.