Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing Challenge #7

We are posting a short Buzz Challenge each workday last week and this. Under 15 minutes and if you do all of them, and get all your colleagues and employees doing them as well, you will find an uptick in Buzz about your organization. Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing Challenge #7 Today takes a bit longer than 15 minutes, but you were going to eat anyway. Take someone to lunch or meet them for coffee at least. Not someone you were planning on dining with anyway, find someone that you would like to know better. Shoot high and try to set up something with someone you always wanted to meet. Before going with them, think about what you know about them. Come up with a couple of stories about you and the organization that are buzzworthy and might interest them. Work them into the conversation if you can, but first be sure to be a good listener. Have your sales doubled yet with all these buzz challenges? Get everyone in your organization to more actively do these kinds of things regularly and they can.