Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Membership Website

Have you been interested in creating a membership site but uncomfortable with how to do it?

Join the club. I started my first membership site about 9 months ago and it was anything but easy. However, now it has moved into the realm of profitable and we have worked out may of the kinks.

Membership Website Rule #1 - Keep it simple

I used the following software: Druple, Moodle, Ning, DotNetNuke and experimented with others. Finally, I decided to invest in a wonderful membership plugin for Wordpress and I moved my membership website to Wordpress and I have been sooooo happy.

After more than 9 months I finally decided to start sharing my membership website experience and expertise, although I am still learning.

Here is the free blog (no membership) called membership website that I started to document the membership website best practices that I have been developing.

Visit membership website scripts for information about software and scripts.

The membership websites blog is going to be where I publish all this information - if you are interested in how to develop income with wordpress membership sites, be sure to bookmark that website and stop back often.

In case you are wondering: I might make the whole thing into a subscription-based membership site eventually, but for now it is free and if I make a little something off of the affiliate ads, I am happy.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Virtual Assistant Income

A virtual assistant should diversify their income just like any other consultant, Internet Entrepreneur or contractor. If you are getting more than 25% of your income from a single client or source, you are in danger.

One long term strategy is to build passive and semi-passive income streams. These help you have stable additional virtual assistant income and they also can give you a practice product to hone your Internet Marketing skills.

See this review of iLearningGlobal.

As you can see from that iLearningGlobal review, it is quit possible to get additional business training, get additional virtual assistant income and improve your Internet Marketing skills all at the same time.