Thursday, December 08, 2005

Buzz Impact - Roger Balser

Who is Roger? Roger sells things that lots of people sell. He is a financial advisor for high wealth individuals. I mention him here because of what was written about him by Keith Ferrazzi and because of the meeting I had with him. Roger had been cold calling for years and then read Keith's book, "Never Eat Alone." He then drove to Chicago (6 hours) to see Keith speak. Then he came back and emailed me. Asked me to get together. He drove an hour, bought me a coffee, and really focused on how he could help me. He seemed so intent on being of service to me that I got uncomfortable about how one sided things were and started thinking about how I could help him too. He has totally shifted from cold calls to building relationships and helping other people succeed, and it seems to be already paying him back, as we are all buzzing about him. I regularly get asked by people who sell accounting, financial services and insurance how they can use the Buzzoodle to create a buzz about them. Be remarkable, like Roger is doing.