Monday, October 31, 2005

Free Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing

Announcement: As part of our changes to make Buzzoodle more accessible to everyone, we have opened up the advanced features at no charge. As of November 1st, 2005, all current features in Buzzoodle are absolutely free. Group accounts for creating and tracking Word of Mouth Marketing with an organization’s advocacy base is now open to everyone.

What else is now free?

  • Word of Mouth Team Management
  • Event Calendar Posting
  • Custom Buzz Challenges
  • Advanced Buzz Reports

Buzzoodle is able to offer these services for free because the demand for custom word of mouth marketing campaigns has been high and the Buzzoodle staff will generate more revenue from these Word of Mouth Marketing consulting projects.

The Buzzoodle staff continues to make improvements that will enhance the Buzzoodle community. On the horizon are the ability to measure buzz for multiple products, advanced buzz measurement features and the ability to meet other people using Buzzoodle in the Buzzoodle system. Sign Up Here