Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Killing Excitement - Killing Buzz

Someone recently emailed me to join another one of those online communities. I went ahead and did it, because even if I am only active in two or three, it is good to have a profile out there in as many places as possible. They then encouraged me through email to post a need, and I took them up on it. Keep in mind, I was not committed to the community, just toying with it. I filled out the long form and carefully checked it to be sure it represented us well, then I hit save. It wanted to charge me $60 to post it. ?? Never mentioned initially or I would not have wasted my time. Not too much money, but I am not sure they have enough people involved in it to make it worth my while. Pissed me off that I wasted my time. What is the lesson? Tell people pricing up front before you have them spend time on something. I have never since logged into that community because I do not trust it. Reflecting on this will influence future versions of Buzzoodle as well, where we plan to move to completely free access and posting.