Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Buzz Marketing Ideas

Seven Free Buzz Marketing Ideas you can use to build buzz for your organization. Here are seven free Buzz Marketing Ideas that you can use to create more regional buzz for your organization. Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing encourages lots of buzz marketing efforts in an ongoing way utilizing a variety of employees. Buzz Marketing Ideas: #1 Ask your customers what they like best about your product or service. Ask them if they talk about you with other people and what they say. Use this information to craft good buzz stories and encourage your employees to work them into their every day conversations. Buzz Marketing Ideas: #2 Create a local Blog and have people in your organization update it with interesting things going on in the area. Make sure it is clear that your organization is sponsoring the Blog. Buzz Marketing Ideas: #3 Visit businesses within a short distance of yours. Let them know what you do and find out more about what they do. Invite them into your business to meet some of the staff. Buzz Marketing Ideas: #4 Throw a dinner party (or lunch) for a group of people you would like to meet and could have a positive impact on your organization. Be sure to have some interesting buzz worthy stories to tell about your organization. Buzz Marketing Ideas: #5 Email a reporter, writer or other media professional at least once a week and let them know you like their work and offer ideas you have for stories. Contact different people in different weeks, and try to develop a relationship with some of the people that could eventually write a story that would create buzz for your organization. Buzz Marketing Ideas: #6 Surprise a current customer or client. The more often you pleasantly surprise your customers the more likely they will be to talk about you to other people. The more frequently you do this and the bigger the surprise the more buzz you will create. Buzz Marketing Ideas: #7 Strive to be worth talking about. Review customer service, support, product quality, customer relationships and attention to detail. No matter how hard you try to create buzz, it will be short lived once people see a product or service that does not live up to all the hype. Bonus Buzz Marketing Ideas: #8 Write an article and put it on your website that uses key words your target audience may search on. This article was written to get search engine results for Buzz Marketing Ideas because we noticed a fair amount of traffic coming to our site already with this keyword search, and we wanted the site to rank higher. These are just a few of the over 200 Buzz Marketing Ideas in the Buzzoodle system.