Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Buzz Marketing: Make Someone a Hero

Anyone holding down a job and a family (you remember, those people that are always at your house when you stop by) know the challenge of doing a superior job and still having your spouse and children think you are great. One buzz technique I believe is very powerful is to make the people you want to connect with seem like a hero in their family's eyes. On a small note, I like those kids gifts at trade shows, and my daughter loves to see me go to them. But what are bigger things you can do that will have an impact on the way someone is perceived by the people that mean the most to them in their life? If you go down this path, remember that not everyone is married, has kids or ever wants to. Have a way to know and something that will not leave those people feeling neglected. Here are some quick ideas, but the bigger the better. The more memorable it is the more you will create wom.
  1. Send flowers on behalf of client to spouse, when they purchase something. Let them hand write the card.
  2. Have an open house that includes people bringing kids and family.
  3. Send a basket or gift for special occasions.
  4. Send a letter or other acknowledgement to the home praising the person for something they did.
  5. Create a club for kids, such as a Junior (Fill in your industry) Club. Invite people to have their kids participate.

These kinds of things are true for your clients, prospects and your employees. Remember if you do something memorable and tie it to your organization, chances are you are going to create a lot of WOM.