Monday, October 31, 2005

Accidental Viral Marketing that creates a buzz

Viral Marketing Heaven: Homemade Video Gets 2.5 Million Downloads
Here's a viral-by-mistake marketing story you gotta love: This summer alt pop band OK Go were getting ready for a tour to promote their second album. So, there they were in a Chicago-area backyard practicing a dance routine to go with one of their songs, 'A Million Ways'. The problem with practicing a dance routine in a back yard (as opposed to, say, in a dance studio) is there are no mirrors, so you can't see how you look. Which is why the guys decided to tape the thing on a video camera set up on a tripod. They did their three-minute routine a few times and then checked the video. One of their girlfriends thought the video looked so fun that she begged them to release it as their official video instead of the "real" video they were planning to do with a professional director. The band laughed at her. Thereupon, she posted the video online and emailed a couple of friends to get a second opinion. Two point five million downloads later......... Read All