Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Create Advocates

Some people may hear "Word of Mouth Marketing" and think that it is a difficult thing to accomplish. How do you just get 1000's of people talking about you out of thin air, they will ask? I run into people all of the time that want to sell me something but never take the time to find out if I am not more suited to be an advocate of theirs. There is no one way to create advocates. It is an attitude and the more people in your organization that understand the recruit advocates attitude, the more successful you will be as an organization.

Here is a list of ways to recruit advocates:

  • Help other people be successful
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Superior Product with unexpected benefits
  • Do the unexpected and make someone's day
  • Publicly recognize other people
  • Introduce people that you know that should know each other
  • Be open, honest and human
  • Ask people what it would take to have them recommend you or introduce you to their friends
  • Constantly perfect your networking and communication efforts

What do you talk about and why? Use the comments to tell everyone what makes you advocate a product or service.