Saturday, October 08, 2005

TypOz R gr8T

Why do you need a great, compelling signature for your email? For other people's typos. Whenever I see a typo on a website I politely email the person and point it out. With how easy it is to make them in this fast paced web publishing world, I do not see an occasional typo as a problem, but I know most people do not want errors on their site and appreciate the chance to correct them. So I send a one or two sentence email that says, you may want to correct the typo here, on this page, Love the site. What this does for me is they get my email, and I am not selling anything, just being a good visitor and helping them out. Of course they are going to read my email signature and if it is intriguing, they will visit my site, blog, etc. And since I visit lots of sites of interesting people and professionals, I have opportunities to connect and there is no threat. My only caution here is do not nit pick a site. I have had English professionals go on and on about errors in a webpage, without specifying what they are, and I have been unable to find the problem. That is just annoying and not helpful at all.