Thursday, October 27, 2005

Grow your organization through creating buzz for others

In a recent post I suggested building other people's personal network as being a key to expanding your own. That also applies to organizations. If you want to increase membership to a chamber of commerce, a country club, a networking group or other type of group that wants businesses to join it, a great thing to do is give them some PR before asking them to join. Today I went to a breakfast and the local chamber of commerce, where I had just done a speech the month before, and they mentioned us as a local innovator to a large crowd. Not focusing on us, but working us into the presentation about regional success. At some point I just have to return the love, even though we are an internationally focused company. Likewise, I get Crain's Cleveland because they write about us, not because I have time every week to read it. In fact, if I were a publisher I would find ways to write about more people more frequently because that is a great way to increase readership in a shrinking market. Help businesses grow and give them free exposure, and you will get their gratitude and involvement in your effort more times than not.