Thursday, October 20, 2005

Word of Mouth Buzz

For fun, today I have kept track of who I have talked about. This list does not include the people I actually met with.
  • Greater Cleveland Growth Association (Positive WOM)
  • Tipping Point (Positive WOM)
  • Idea Virus (Positive WOM)
  • Walmart (Negative WOM)
  • Buzz Marketing (Positive WOM)
  • David Lorenzo (Positive WOM)
  • Target (Positive WOM)
  • Healthy Body Weight - Move It, Lose It, Live Healthy (Positive WOM)
  • One Cleveland (Positive WOM)
  • Conoco Phillips (Positive WOM)
  • Oprah (Positive WOM)
  • City of Cleveland (Positive WOM)
  • Youngstown Business Incubator (Positive WOM)
  • White Hat Management (Positive WOM)
  • Kentucky Derby (Positive WOM)
  • Brewed Fresh Daily (Positive WOM)
  • Tim Russo (Negative WOM)
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer (Neutral WOM)

Those are from two meeting and one phone call so far today. Try it out and keep track of all the sales [buzz] you do on behalf of other people and companies. Then find ways to craft your message and product to have people do it for you.