Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What Does a Buzz Meeting Do?

I had the privilege to talk to some of the staff for Kent City Schools today. This May, they will have a levy on the ballot and instead of doing paid advertising to try to pass the levy, they are looking to use Buzz to create more interaction with the community and broadcast their success stories with the staff who have witnessed it first hand. After one of the meetings today, a group of employees got together and dove right in, discussing who they could contact, how they could contact and what successes were best to talk about. In 15 minutes, we accomplished a great start on getting the whole town buzzing about the school successes and reaching audiences that were not obvious. This kind of community engagement and connection is going to be very powerful. The school system has 600 employees that we have challenged to connect with two people per week. It will result in over 15,000 word of mouth and buzz incidents between now and May. Powerful and authentic stuff.