Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rules of Engagement

This blog is dedicated to helping you create buzz. This tip is for small businesses to help them head off a potential problem if they create too much buzz. We are frequently writing about helping other people. If you help other people succeed, you will get a high degree of buzz. One problem that is easy to forget for some people is that you cannot just help people for free all of the time. Eventually, you will have to charge someone for your services. To avoid misunderstandings, have clear guidelines on what you are willing to give away and what you charge for. Avoid making exceptions and create a document that clearly spells out your rules of engagement. Provide this to clients and potential clients once they express interest in your services. If you are clear on how you operate, people will appreciate this and you will not be expected to provide more help than you are willing. However, if you help someone a lot, they may assume you will keep helping them in the future, and that could hurt your productivity and profitability.