Thursday, January 26, 2006

Get Everyone Buzzing

I am posting this email with permission. It is the result of one of the members of an organization really taking up the Buzz Philosophy after one of our presentations and spreading success stories everyone can tell. We just did a luncheon with them a few days ago. He sent this out company wide. To all: Several of us attended a meeting earlier this week hosted by one of our newest clients “Buzzoodle”. The general purpose behind the marketing strategy that this client is trying to implement is to get their clients to get all of their employees engaged in creating a “Buzz” about where they work. The buzz is then transferred outside of the workplace so that it creates greater sales leads to people and businesses that would never otherwise be reached. One idea that we came up with for us at MSA is to more openly communicate our successes and positive client interactions so that everyone can be aware of the positive “buzz” that is happening all around us everyday. We tend to focus on the negative and the problems and take the successes for granted as just a part of our job. In order to start what will hopefully be several positive e-mails of client success, I will share one that just happened this week. Without boring you with the details, Chad and I were able to save a client $100,000 in tax by converting what on the surface was a typical ordinary income transaction into a capital gain. There was much outside the box thinking and having to sell the idea on both sides of the transaction to structure the deal in a way to achieve this end. But we did it and we have a very happy client!!!!!!!!! The thinking behind making this happen goes back to my first week on the job here at MSA, when Dave Myers told me, we earn our living by finding ways to eliminate tax, defer tax or reduce tax for our clients. Ever since then, for me, the culture here has always been to think outside the box to try to make our clients tax burden less, so they can achieve and grow more. This is what we do every day, the problem is we don’t share these stories and we take these successes for granted. Here’s to many more “buzz” stories the rest of tax season!!!!!!! Joel Joel C. Hamsher, CPA, MT Moore Stephens Apple Principal