Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Buzzoodle 10 Reasons to Create Buzz for Where You Work

Buzzoodle 10 Reasons to Create Buzz for Where You Work

1) You were going to talk today anyway.

2) Aren't you tired of making fun of your boss? Tell a great story about how your company helped someone.

3) Positive Word of Mouth will result in increased sales, which could results in free trips to Hawaii. You never know.

4) Word of Mouth is the best form of marketing, and it does not even require a Marketing Department. Start creating buzz and make them obsolete.

5) Word of Mouth is like a chain letter, and we all love chain letters.

6) Word of Mouth is easy. Just try being 1,000 times nicer to customers and they will start talking.

7) Be an enthusiastic advocate of where you work. People love to steal great employees and you will have job offers in no time.

8) Make every day remarkable for the people around you and someone is bound to buy you lunch eventually.

9) Telling an interesting story about your employer makes you look smarter than talking about the weather, unless you are the weather man.

10) The more people that know that you have a great job, the better chance of getting a date.