Friday, January 06, 2006

Quality + Good Will + Nice Fit

What is the equation that you use to choose to link to someone on your blog or webpage? My equation is Quality + Good Will + Nice Fit = Link Quality: You do not want to be elitist, but you do not want to link to something that does not have quality content and a clean design. Nice Fit: Your visitors are on your website or blog for a reason. Don't water down your message by linking to everything under the sun. Good Will: Links are precious, and linking to people is a great way to create good will with people you read and would like to know. I frequently link to people that are linking to me, as a good will gesture and because our sites often compliment each other. SEO Specialists often do link campaigns by emailing people and asking for links. That is fine, but it is far more effective to link to someone first, and encourage a reciprocal link after you have done them the service.