Tuesday, January 10, 2006

iPOD - Vividly Cool

Two unrelated IPOD stories worth talking about here. Anyone that does not realize that an iPod is has been under a rock. All day today our office manager anxiously waited for accessories so she could use her iPOD in the car. What really struck me as unusual tonight was the vivid description of what an iPOD is from my 8 year old. I mentioned the iPod at dinner and she said they are cool. We do not have one, nor have we talked about it before that I can recall. So, I was curios and I asked her to tell me what it was for, what it looks like and why it is cool. She described it in vivid detail. Down to the apple with a bit out of it and one leaf. (I had to look it up to see if she was right.) We home school, so she did not see it in school. Those ads have just had a strong impact. Then, as a comparison, I asked her what is Microsoft. She had no idea nor did she know what they make. Even though she sees it on the computer every day. Then I asked her the same question about Dell. 12 inches from her hand sat my closed Dell lap top and she'd never heard of it, despite using it regularly. Maybe we just throw out all this other Buzz stuff and focus on design. Just kidding, but an interesting thing to observe.