Monday, November 21, 2005

Buzz Marketing Ethics

Why is Buzzoodle the most powerful and ethical form of Buzz Marketing? Disclosure. If I am a paid marketer creating buzz for your company, I am required by current ethical standards to disclose you are paying me to create buzz. Now consider how those rules impact family, friends and employees.
  • I work for Buzzoodle and it is the most innovative company in the world. (Disclosed and passionate)
  • My son started a company called Buzzoodle and he has all kinds of big clients. (Disclosed and non-threatening)
  • I was just at a buddies house this weekend and he was telling me all about his cool new business, Buzzoodle. (Sincere word of mouth)
  • I used to work for a company called Buzzoodle and it was so fun and innovative. (Watch it spread over time)
The Buzzoodle philosophy is to build these more legitimate broadcast centers and empower them. It is not a quick fix you can just throw money at, but it is the strategy that will have the best returns in the long run.