Saturday, November 19, 2005

Buzz Nugget

If you want to create some buzz with Buzz Marketing, the first thing you need to do is step outside of your good idea and think about how it appeals to others.
  • Would a stranger be intrigued after seeing it or hearing about it in 30 seconds?
  • Does it solve a problem many people would recognize?
  • Would someone feel like they had to have it?
  • Would someone want to tell friends?
  • What is the cool factor?

I bring this up today because I heard about a group trying to get people to come to their Gala for a music school for kids. They asked their members to create word of mouth, which is the right idea, but why would anyone beyond the members want to attend? They have to give people compelling stories they can repeat. They have to make it easy with things they can hand out to people they talk to.

Asking for members to create word of mouth is a good start, but unless you provide good tools [easy stories to repeat] you cannot expect less interested people to work very hard at creating excitement and buzz on your behalf.