Friday, November 18, 2005

Selling is Dead eNewsletter Nominees

Selling is Dead Authors asked me to participate in naming their eNewsletter, which is going to be packed full of innovative sales advice. Their book is very good and talks about how to sell to people that are not in the buying mode, instead of people who are in the buying mode, by creating dissatisfaction with the status quo. While brilliant, I am a little worried that eventually the whole world will be unhappy and buying lots of stuff because of their book. In the interest of full disclosure, they are not paying us and at best we both enjoy this kind of thing and creating a little buzz back and forth. Anonymous SALEutions SELLer's Edge Greg Swan Goliath's Bible - Chapter X (each week you increase the number, number the subcategories as "verses") Tales from the Grave Willy Loman Report Dustin Staiger The Selling GraveMarker Old Sales Graveyard The Sales Death Certificate Selling: DOA (Dead On Arrival) The Selling Obit -Sales Obituary -The Sales Obit Epitaphs of Selling Cause of Death: Selling Russel Perry Sales Buffet is Dead "A Right Angle" Now the trick for me is to come up with the nominees. I like memorable, but not too gimmicky. I also don’t like the obvious as much as the fresh and clear. One interesting note here is that the authors were thinking about Sales Buffet themselves, so Russel should get nominated for being right in there with them.

  • Sales Buffet
  • Selling: DOA – (I like short and sweet.)
  • SALEutions – (A bit of a gimmick, but says what it is in a clear way.)
Thanks to everyone that participated, and now Anita Campbell is going to be taking over to run a public election so that you get to pick which one wins. These three nominees will run against one that Sogistics picks.