Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why Everyone Should Become a Student of Buzz

Becoming a student of buzz has some big advantages: 1) Understanding what makes a product or company buzzworthy changes your perspective on opportunities. 2) Taking advantage of buzz opportunities will help you advance your career while helping your organization grow. 3) Creating buzz about yourself and your skills makes you more marketable. 4) Somehow, things just seem easier to achieve when you understand word of mouth and buzz. 5) You understand how to influence others and are more keenly aware of how your surroundings influence you. 6) You are aware of the fact that one person's opinion can be very valuable but people do spread buzz for ulterior motives sometimes. We live in a time where people are saying that the public is immune to traditional advertising. They are aware on some level that something is an ad and they can tune it out. Why not seize the chance to become a student of buzz and understand influence? Chances are you are already doing it at some level without realizing it.