Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jackie Huba

Jackie Huba from Church of the Customer had such a good comment in an earlier post, I am pulling it out here to make sure you all notice it. Ron, I think employees are a bit more like customers. If we want employees to spread the word that our company is a great place to work, then we have to create a work experience that is worth talking about.All of the six tenets of customer evangelism that we talk about for customers, also works when thinking about employees: 1. Customer plus-delta: Continuously gather employee feedback. 2. Napsterize knowledge: Make it a point to share knowledge freely inside the company. 3. Build the buzz: Expertly build word-of-mouth networks inside the organization 4. Create community: Encourage communities of employees to meet and share. 5. Make bite-size chunks: Devise specialized, smaller offerings of your products that employees can use themselves (and can give to friends, family and peers) 6. Create a cause: Rally employees on making the world, or your industry, better. Thanks for the insight.