Friday, August 25, 2006

Exit Interview Questions

Can Exit Interview Questions help you create buzz? If you do not conduct an exit interview when one of your staff quits, you should start. Not only is it an excellent source of information on how to improve your business, but it is also an excellent way to maintain an advocate that might create buzz about you. Of course, this post only counts for people that are leaving on good terms. There are a lot of exit interview question sites out there that can provide you with excellent basic exit interview questions you can use. I wanted to come up with some additional questions that are often overlooked during the exit interview. What do you consider your biggest success story during your time with us? This can be used to build your database of success stories and it helps you hone in on what the exit interviewee liked best. Would you like us to keep in touch with you? I stress to people that are leaving on good terms that we respect their decision and if I can ever help them in any way down the road, I am willing to do that. If they have been willing to contribute to our success, then I should be willing to contribute to their career success. What do you know about our referral program? Make sure anyone leaving your organization knows about your policies on referrals and on referring job candidates. All of our former employees can get a sizable commission on anyone they refer to us. Are you willing to continue to create a bit of buzz about us in your spare time? If you already encourage employees to create buzz on a regular basis, be sure to ask the employee to continue to do so and email you every any time they create some buzz, just to let you know. With these questions added to your other exit interview questions, you will be able to build a stronger relationship as people leave that will help you create more buzz in the future. Once you have some ex employees on your list, start using it and really keeping in touch. Make your email to them personal and let them know about your successes, your job openings, your new clients and big news. Few companies do this, and it is easy to do.