Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to School Marketing

How can a local university help you with your marketing? Here are 6 tips.
  • Be part of the curriculum - I have never met this prof, but he uses us as one of his blogging examples and has students monitor our blog.
  • Continuing Education - I speak at least twice a year at the local university and help people studying entrepreneurship learn about how to be more successful.
  • Course Guest - Professors that teach marketing, business administration and technology have all invited me in for presentations on what we do in the "real" world.
  • Career Fair - Career fairs are a great place to show off your company a bit and maybe find your next employee.
  • Organizations - I have been invited to participate in events with several organizations that are business oriented and run by students.
  • Interns - Don't overlook finding an intern to help you do your buzz marketing. One part time person that does nothing but create buzz on the web can really help your business grow.

Remember that universities and colleges want to help their students succeed. Most will be eager to have you participate on campus. If you contact one person and they are not interested, try some others. This is not something where there is one person in charge of managing these kinds of opportunities.