Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Six Ways to Create Buzz with your Employees

I am doing a speech at a Rotary Club tomorrow and will be handing out something with tips to go back and get your employees to create buzz and word of mouth. Here is my first pass at the handout.
  1. Get employees with a computer to post to a blog or message board once a week, with the link going back to your website. Be clear on what they can and cannot say.
  2. Have your employees call one past client per week and check in with them. They can ask how they liked the product or service, find out how they are doing, and let them know you value their patronage.
  3. Have employees stop by in nearby businesses they have never been in before. They can introduce themselves and let the people they meet know they work by. They can invite those people to stop in some time if appropriate.
  4. Have employees write a letter or email to an author, reporter, or some other media professional and let the person know they appreciate their work. Offer to be a source of information if they ever need information on your industry.
  5. Spend some time talking with employees to teach them what your core competencies are. What makes your business special. Find out good customer service stories and let everyone know the stories and that you encourage them repeating the stories at every opportunity. Have them let you know when they spread a little word of mouth. Be sure they know what kinds of people you would like to meet and what are ideal prospects.
  6. If your employees have email, have them "ping" at least one person per week. This is a quick "Just checking in" email to someone they know but do not know too well.

This list of buzz challenges are good for individuals, but even better is you can get every member of your organization involved. Recognize people's effort and reward people that get results.