Wednesday, August 10, 2005

SEO and Buzz

SEO Strategies vary. One important aspect is the inbound links. Buzz and word of mouth is an essential element of yor SEO strategy. On an ongoing basis, you need to have a website or blog worth visiting, you have to SEO optimize it, you have to have a call to action (get the visitor to do something) and you have to have the solid plan to keep promoting it, grow it and create buzz about it. Our other company, Outstanda has made our proprietary buzz strategy part of the overall SEO strategy that helps people stand out on the web. Whether you use an SEO strategy or do it yourself, you should be creating a little buzz about your site every week on the web. It will build up and couple that with the other strategies and you will have a powerful site and powerful results. Even without a link the name is out there.