Friday, August 12, 2005

Back Room Buzz

Who do you trust? Who shares clients in common with you? Who has the cajones to tell you people are saying bad things behind your back? You may think all your clients are all happy. How do you find out if they really are? 1. Listen carefully. Often times complaints will come your way but be padded by good stuff. Read between the lines and ask questions if people are not sending you 100% happy comments. 2. Ask questions like "What do you think we can do better?" or "What is the biggest weakness when working with us?" 3. Ask partners and business acquaintances if they are hearing buzz about you. Today I had to tell a good partner that I have been hearing negative things from multiple sources. I was not keen on telling them, but finally did. I know it is due to growing pains, but she has now gone straight back to the office to focus and resolve the issues. - And I am so happy she took it so well. 4. Always look for opportunities to make someone's day better. Deliver more than what is expected and you will create positive buzz.

5. Don't take on charity cases unless you can deliver quality. When you cut your rate and help someone it can back fire when you do not deliver as high of quality services. You can try to do someone a favor and end up hurting your word of mouth.