Monday, August 15, 2005

eNewsletter vs. Blog

What are the differences between eNewsletters and Blogs? Which one is best for you? Both. There are advantages to both technologies and the savvy Buzz Builder will publish in both mediums. Blog Advantages: Blogs are easier to write for. They lend themselves to being less formal and more forgiving. I spend much less time creating much more content on this blog than in our eMagazine. Also, readers can visit it when they want and do not have to give me information. eNewsletter Advantages: With a well defined eNewsletter, you will capture more information and pull people back in on a regular basis. They need more attention to detail, and careful thought to additional details like the subject line, subscription, etc. In an ideal world, you can publish a monthly eNewsletter and create a high traffic blog. In our publication, we have added a category called "From the Blog" that allows us to utilize content we have already created. It draws more attention to the blog and enhances the newsletter.