Friday, August 05, 2005

Insisting on bad press

If you want to really create some word of mouth, do something really bad to a client and then keep insisting they pay you for it. I completely understand accidents happen and I have been patient for 9 months, but Nuvox, our past provider of T1's has insisted that we pay for service that did not live up to their promises. After several outages last year, one for almost two days, we decided to move everything to a wonderful datacenter. Nuvox continues to bill us and insist that we owe them money. We spent a lot on buying new equipment, mirroring everything and sending it across the country. On principle we refuse to pay them, even if it hurts our credit. My buzz point here is this. I was quite willing to quietly leave their service and move to one I could count on. For a few thousand dollars they have continued to badger us and now I am going to be sure to tell everyone I know. Why have they worked so hard to keep that very negative experience fresh in my mind? There can never be a strong, positive buzz or word of mouth success unless you can provide great service. Negative is much easier.