Monday, June 12, 2006

Set 5 Buzz Goals Today for more Buzz Tomorrow

What are 5 goals you can set to create more buzz tomorrow?
  • Do at least one press release per month. By sending out monthly press released you can increase the visibility of your organization. Make the press releases interesting and send them out through web-based press release services.

  • Review all documents for buzzwothiness. Every document you have can be made to be more interesting and buzzworthy. Make a list of the documents you send out to clients and review each one for ways to improve the selling aspect of the document.

  • Update website weekly Nothing kills interest more than a stale website. Update at least the news regularly, and blog for even more active and engaging content on the web.

  • Get non-sales staff involved. Regularly mention the importance of creating buzz and word of mouth to all staff. Let them know the successes and examples of how non-sales people have made an impact on sales. Schedule meetings regularly.

  • Ask clients if they know someone that would be interested in talking to you. Chances are, your clients know what you do and what the benefits are, and if they are a fan of yours, they will be happy to spread some buzz and give you some referrals. Ask clients for people they know that could benefit from your service. Also, ask if they ever talk about you and ask what they say. If they say they never talk about you, ask why.

All of these items are long term operational issues that need specific goals put into place. Create those goals, track your progress and watch the buzz grow.