Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Create Buzz by Celebrating Success

Buzzoodle Buzz Challenge #56 Celebrate Success (From the upcoming book, Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing) Difficulty: Simple Time: Ongoing Cost: Minimal Technology Required:Simple How do you get more people to create more buzz? Celebrate success and let people know when you do something buzzworthy. There are many tools that can be used to celebrate your successes as an organization. If no one in the organization has set up a formal way to disseminate success yet, mention it to management. It is critical that an organization knows what successes they are achieving and what stories they can tell. The tools to tell the stories depend on what works best for the organization. A simple bulletin board can work if some people do not have computers. Also a company newsletter or reading the items at a staff meeting work well. If you have a technical workplace and everyone has access to the Internet, you can use your Intranet to post stories. If that is not available, consider starting an online group, setting up a wiki or a workplace blog to let people know about your success stories. One of my clients has an eNewsletter that they have been using for years. The software archives the article on the web as well as sending it via email. The archives now get more hits than the main website, even though it is only published for employees. Of course, the public reading about success and how the organization treats the employees is a good thing too. Celebrate success every day in a public way.