Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dan Tudor Interview : Closing Sales

Question 1: Buzz and Word of Mouth create interest, but do not close the sale. What do you think the most important elements of landing the deal are once someone has called or emailed asking for more information?
Dan Tudor: In my experience, the first vital element in landing the deal is asking effective trial close questions - assuming you've established need, and they understand what your product or service could mean for their business. Not enough sales people take this step, and it ends up costing them the sale. The second vital element would be asking for the sale. That sounds like an obvious answer, but many, many sales professionals don't do it. They'll let the customer "think about it" or they agree to "get back to them in a week or two." Sales professionals need to be constantly asking for the sale. Over and over again, and not apologize for it. I think it demonstrates a belief in what they're selling, personally.
Dan's advice works well for getting your blog noticed too. Ask for interviews from people.