Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How you can get a buzz from Marketing Sherpa

Thank you Marketing Sherpa for considering Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing along side so many other fine marketing blogs for MarketingSherpa Reader's Choice Blog & Podcasting Awards 2006. I would be amazed if we actually won against some of those other blogs, but the buzz is much appreciated. For those who do not know, Marketing Sherpa is one of the premier marketing resource sites in existence and I read its eNewsletters and visit the site regularly. They are conducting a survey of favorite blogs and they listed this one, which is quit an honor. Please vote for Buzzoodle here. Now, we could just get happy to be nominated and go on with life, but dear reader, consider the value in the blog list they have posted. Don’t let an opportunity like this pass you by. Visit each and every blog listed and congratulate the blogger (via comments) for being nominated. That is going to create some buzz for you because:
  • These blogs are done by experts that will probably check out your website because of your comment.
  • All the traffic they will get from the Marketing Sherpa site will ensure that more visitors to their sites also visit yours via the comment link.
  • You will get all kinds of ideas about marketing from visiting these blogs.

This is the kind of buzz opportunity that just falls in your lap. The question is, are you going to act on it?

Side Note: Consider the buzz Marketing Sherpa is creating for itself by doing this. What kind of contest could you do to get other people to talk about you?