Saturday, June 03, 2006

Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing Challenge

Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing Challenge #19 - From the upcoming book, Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing Call/Email a Person You Respect Difficulty: Simple Time: Quick Cost: Minimal Technology Required: Simple Think about someone you would like to meet. It should be someone you respect and someone that would be beneficial for you to get to know. In this challenge we suggest you stretch and think of someone that is not easy but not too difficult to get to know. Contact this person and let them know why you would like to meet them. Briefly tell them about yourself and propose getting together for coffee or lunch. If there is any way that you can benefit them, let them know. If not, you could propose that they act as a mentor to you in your career or for your business. Some influential people enjoy acting as mentors to people that are working hard to grow and succeed. I know several people that have famous mentors and they leverage the name and relationships to create more buzz for themselves and for their mentors.