Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dan Tudor - Landing the Deal Interview

Dan Tudor recently did a group of interviews that were fun, informative and with great people. Somehow I ended up in the mix with Seth Godin, Sam I am, and Jeffrey Gitomer. Not bad.

I thought that some of his advice might be great on this blog as well, because Buzz can create interest, but you still have to close the sale.

I will mention that I have not met Dan in person, and there is a good chance he is looney. He interviewed a Dr. Seuss character recently, and in my request I mentioned I would not do that, and he got very defensive.

Ron: I will not be interviewing any fictional characters or pet rocks, but I think it would be interesting to get some real "closing the sales" kind of stuff up. We have a lot of small business readers.

Dan: Ron, don't slam fictional characters. They are quite entertaining.

Later in the interview see how he replies to my question about his "Deer in the headlights" look. We also have reason to believe he posed as the complete cast of full house recently when commenting on a post. Read the interview that follows and see what you think of him.