Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dan Tudor Interview Part 6 - What are you buzzing about

In my last question, I asked dan what he creates buzz about? I love to know what people sell just because they like it. Ron: What are the last 5 products or services you recommended without compensation or coercion and why did you recommend them? Dan: 1. The fish tacos at Rubios Baja Grill. It's a franchise restaurant with a location near me. They're incredible. 2. The Hilton Suite Dreams Mattress. It's made especially for Hilton by Serta, and after sleeping on it I knew I had to have one. I even took the sheets off the bed before I left trying to find the maker, with no luck. I Googled "hilton mattress" and discovered You can buy anything that was in your Hilton cool is that! I have told many, many people about the mattress. 3. The University of California football coach's clinic. I'm an assistant varsity coach at a local school, and Cal puts on a great coach's clinic every year. Go Bears! 4. I don't know if this counts, but I've told lots of sales people that they should watch NBC's "The Office" starring Steve Carrell. Smart, well written, and hilarious. I worked in an office like that when I was a sales rep for Pitney Bowes. 5. I've built a website with them, host two e-mail accounts with them, and they're awesome. Great service, low prices, fun site. Plus the founder, Bob Parsons, has a great blog. Thanks for the interview Dan. If you have not read his blog Landing the Deal, get over there and learn how to close the big ones.