Friday, September 09, 2005

Win Free Stuff at Business Meetings

Buzz is powerful. I just won a free book due to Buzz. That is the real reason I am in business, free stuff. If you attend a lot of group meetings, and are often stuffing your business card in fish bowls, here is a buzz tip for you. Make your card stand out. If I have 500 business cards in a pile, will yours look different from 3 feet away? Mine does, and now I plan to rake in free stuff. Maybe I will be able to live off of selling all the free things on eBay... Now for the really fun part. After I won the book and was talking to everyone, I kept saying something like.. "I only won the book because I have such a crazy card." And I was handing them out like candy at Halloween, because everyone wanted to see it. 24 hours later I have several meetings set up from this. For those that do not know, my business card is shaped like a bee hive (hornets nest, actually) and is also the logo of the company. It is bright yellow and black on one side and the business card on the other. It cost maybe $200 more to get it done this way but was well worth it. We recently got a client that said she had lost my other card but had set the bee card aside because it was special. Had the card not been unique, we would not have gotten that sale. Send me an email with your name and address and I will mail you one to see, if you are curious.