Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blogs are not Important?

Seth Godin is the second person in the last two weeks to say that what is being said on blogs is not all that important.

"Anyone who decides to write off Akron because of my blog is the sort of person Akron wouldn't want anyway!" - Seth Godin in comments on an earlier post on this blog.

Compare that to Tim Russo on the Brewed Fresh Daily blog not long ago:

anyway, ron….i seriously doubt that anything i or anyone else ever says on a blog is going to be a deciding factor in “costing people jobs”, or “leaving people without jobs”. if that’s how a business decides where it’s going to locate, by reading comments on a blog, then good luck staying in business.

Really? Anyone working in marketing right now knows that the biggest movement in marketing is word of mouth. The way most marketers measure word of mouth is with software that scans blog posts and comments. And these kinds of comments do not go away in a week or two. This is part of the buzz we teach companies about. That said, I love Mr. Godin's books and blog. I just wish he would have worded things a bit differently.