Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Buzz: Selling is Dead

I like to tell buzz stories when they happen to me. I hope they do not bore everyone to tears, but they illustrate the power of broadcasting your message and creating buzz. About a month ago, Jim Hornyak told me about a book that changed selling. Selling is Dead I'd not hear of it before, but it sounded interesting. However, I am lazy sometimes and did not rush out and buy it. Then I was on Anita Cambell's blog (2 days ago) and saw it mentioned. I visited the book's blog, liked what I saw and added it to my blog roll. Still, I did not buy the book..... but I was a bit more intrigued. Then today I went to a NEOSA presentation and guess who is presenting... Marc Miller, Author of Selling is Dead. Now I have a copy and I will let you know how it is once I read more. My point is that I heard about it from a trusted friends mouth, then saw it on a trusted blogs list, and then met the author and heard about it as part of a presentation. All in about 30 days.