Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Buzz Marketing - 5 Questions that can lead to Buzz

Some products lend themselves to Buzz Marketing and others need to work harder at it. Ask yourself these five questions and ask other people in your organization the same questions. Identify areas in common and then start creating some buzz about the good stories and special qualities. Everyone in the organization should know at least a few stories they can tell someone that paints the organization in a good and memorable light.
  1. What makes the company different and unique? (Hint: It does not have to be directly about your product or service)
  2. What makes working with us special? (Hint: Find examples of going above and beyond good customer service.)
  3. What kind of crazy things have people in your organization been involved with? (Hint: People like to work with real live human beings that have some personality.)
  4. How does your product or service make the buyer smarter, sexier and more attractive? (Hint: Yes, even selling accounting you have to answer this. It is the question your buyer is asking themselves, even if not consciously.)
  5. What would our current clients likely tell their friends and colleagues about us? (Hint: Find things they can comfortably say about your organization or product and ask them to tell their friends.)