Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Issue is Dead

Seth Godin has clarified his his Akron remarks and I consider the issue is dead. (People of Issue, please do not send me hate mail. If there is a city called Issue, I do not mean you.) I think none of this would have happened if it would have said "Judging by the hotel I stayed at, Akron is dead." While this blog is dedicated to Buzz and not to any region, it just so happened we are close to Akron, Seth Godin's Blog creates lots of Buzz, and sometimes the way you write something can create a lot of negative or positive buzz. I think if you look at the track backs of the blogs involved and do a technorati search, you will find it interesting how many people got involved in what was really just Sunday and Monday. My ultimate goal was to get some people in the city to stand up for the city and show it was alive, and they did. Thanks. For those of you that said you would never read him again, I still will, but you have to decide for yourself. One interesting thing to consider is that there are plenty of Blogs that are negative about North East Ohio that are written by people from here. When someone that is recognized from the outside makes comments, it sparks a different reaction.